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Stock Underlay

View our ranges below.

Colours Red

Our Luxurious Colours Red underlay offers exceptional underfoot comfort at 11.40mm thick, this Sponge underlay has a 6* Comfort rating, a 5* Heat insulation rating and the 46db sound insulation earns it 6*. Colours Red is perfect for the areas in the home where you need the ultimate under-foot-comfort.

Duralay King

Our King underlay offers luxury underfoot comfort, at just 0.80 tog it is ideal for areas with Underfloor heating installed, King has the comfort of the 'standard' underlays at 8.30mm thick without having to compromise the low tog value.    

Kensington Deluxe

Our Kensington Deluxe underlay is perfect for any areas throughout the home or workplace, with a 'Heavy Contract' classification, it is both luxury soft and commercially tough. Constructed from 80% recycled materials, Kensington Deluxe sits at 11mm high, and has 5* Heat insulation & 4* Sound insulation ratings.


Our Midas 8mm PU underlay offers exceptional under-foot-comfort with a 5* Heat insutation & 5* Sound insulation ratings. Its the perfect choice for any area in the home. 

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