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Dust Mite Protection

Protection against dust mites and microbes for carpets

Fields of application: 
- Textile floor coverings.
- Application is possible on all common types of fibres and fabrics except pure 
polypropylene. Examples: Carpets, rugs, needle felts.

Mode of action and advantages:
- Substrates protected with Intec DMP are noted for their proven, outstanding skin
tolerance and are safe to man and environment. 
- Intec DMP has a reliable fungi- and bacteriostatic effect against a large number of grampositive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and fungi as well as an acarostatic effect 
against dust mites.
- Due to the effectiveness of Intec DMP, germs and dust mites are deprived of their 
nutrients and can no longer proliferate.

- durable protection against dust mites
- durable antimicrobial finish
- prevents microbial caused odours, discolouration and felting
- safe hygiene
- provides high comfort
- accepted by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class IV (ed. 01/2002, ©Oeko-Tex, Zurich)

Compostion:                                   Preparation with isothiazolinone-compounds and 
Commercial Form:                          Available in 50 kg drums.
pH Value:                                        6.0 - 8.0 (5 % aqueous solution)
Ionicity:                                           Non-ionogenic
Density at 20°C:                             1.02 - 1.06 g/cm3
Flashpoint:                                      >100°C (Pensky-Martens Automatic, PMA-2, DIN 51758).
Appearance:                                   Clear yellowish liquid.
Solubility:                                        Dispersible in water.
Fastness:                                        Product should be reapplied after 2 commercial cleans. No 
                                                       effect on handle and electrostatic charge. Fastness of 
                                                       formulations with other textile chemicals should be tested 
                                                       in advance.
Temperature Stability:                    Drying/fixing: up to 130°C

Skin tolerance:                               The commercial liquid form irritates eyes and skin (wear 

                                                       gloves and eye protection). Treated material: excellent skin 
Oeko-Tex Standard 100:                Accepted by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class IV (ed. 1/2002, 
                                                       Oeko-Tex, Zurich)

Spray application:                           The product can only be sprayed in diluted form (at least 1:9                                                         with water). Spray applications have to comply with                                                                       occupational health requirements. The goods are dried                                                                 without any further rinses. The drying temperature should                                                             be kept as low as possible.

Application Rate:
1 litre of ready-to-use solution will treat 11 square metres.

Microbiological Tests:
In order to check the antimicrobial and acarostatic effectiveness on the treated textiles, 
the following test methods are recommended:

                         -Agar-diffusion method:         bacteria, fungi
                         -Heat escape method:           dust mites

Storage and Handling:
Storage stability:                  12 months from delivery in original sealed containers. 
Temperature stability:          Sensitive to heat and frost. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


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